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Cinematic Electronic/Industrial Project Slighter Releases New Album \"Erode\"

Los Angeles, California based cinematic electronic and industrial producer Slighter has released his...
Posted 1 day ago on Brutal Resonance

Gothic/Industrial Project Mark of the Sphinx Releases Debut Album \"Buried\"

Paris, Kentucky based Gothic/Industrial musician Mark of the Sphinx has released his debut album BUR...
Posted 1 day ago on Brutal Resonance

Industrial Music Project x.a.o.s. Releases New Music Video For \"Big Daddy\"

Canadian Industrial music project x.a.o.s. has released a brand new music video for the song 'Big Da...
Posted 1 day ago on Brutal Resonance

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Gary Numan - Savage: Songs From A Broken World

Electrorock, Darkwave

Sally Dige - Holding On

New Wave, Minimal, Synthpop, Synthwave

low.poly.exception - Nodal Point Gang

Dark Ambient, Synthwave, Darkwave

Vacant Stations - Clones

Drone, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Ambient

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Blinky Blinky Computerband - We Are ...

New Wave, Electro, Ambient, EBM, Synthpop

Louisa John-Krol - Apple Pentacle

Ambient, Neofolk

A Challenge Of Honour - Leonidas

Neo-Classic, Ambient

Nebulo - Basements

Techno, IDM, Ambient

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