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Side-Line introduces Pegasus Asteroid – listen now to ‘Mechanical Heart’ (Face The Beat profile series)

The 56th track on our free download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 4” (featuring 92...
Posted 1 day ago on Side-Line

Chilean aggro tech Distoxia to launch labeldebut EP ‘Maniobra Evasiva’ on Insane Records – listen to the first tracks

The young label Insane Records has added a newcomer to its roster: the Chilean solo project Distoxia...
Posted 1 day ago on Side-Line

The 8th volume of Electrostorm to hit the stores in May – pre-orders accepted here

The 8th instalment in the Electrostorm electro-sampler-series will be released in early May. This ne...
Posted 1 day ago on Side-Line

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Alphane Reality Generator - Music for the Robot Revolution

Industrial, Electro-Industrial

Ironhand - Poison

Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Industrial Metal, Industrial

NEO-SATAN - Black Mass Prophecy

Black Metal, EBM, Synthwave, Industrial, Dark Electro

ESA - The Hold

Rhythmic Noise, Industrial

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Distorted Reality - Daydreams And Nightmares

Synthpop, Industrial

Angels Of Venice - Awake Inside A Dream

Folk, Neo-Classic

Biomass - Energy

Techno, Ambient, Drone

Mr Jones Machine - Monokrom

New Romantics, Synthpop

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