Wuyuan Enemite Black MetalDark Ambient 81PT02M40S怨 (Intro- The Resentment)Wuyuan2PT06M15S母源 - 发 - 死河 (The Head-Stream - River Of Death)Wuyuan3PT05M14S渎经 - 忆哭惘 (Blaspheming The Sutra)Wuyuan4PT08M39S呼魂 - 恶根 (Beckoning The Pneuma - Malefic Roots)Wuyuan5PT06M31S葬万念 - 咒 (Sepulture Of All Imago - The Anathema)Wuyuan6PT04M00S镜.水 - 丧子钟 (Lake Of Mirror - The Passing Bell To My Son)Wuyuan7PT05M15S旧煌 - 怒陵 (The Ancient Scintilla - Last Home Of Fury)Wuyuan8PT03M43S仇 (Outro- The Enmity)Wuyuan

Enemite - Wuyuan

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