Viridian Resonance Revolution State ElectroIDMIndustrial 131PT04M49SRooms of My PastViridian Resonance2PT05M00SKilled for Your ConvenienceViridian Resonance3PT04M23SDissonanceViridian Resonance4PT04M29SThe IndividualViridian Resonance5PT04M31SViridianViridian Resonance6PT03M36SYggdrassilViridian Resonance7PT04M47SThe Manufactured IdolViridian Resonance8PT04M22SNo KamiViridian Resonance9PT02M44SGlowViridian Resonance10PT05M56SThe DepartedViridian Resonance11PT04M01SScars (Fresh Cuts)Viridian Resonance12PT03M30SWhere Am IViridian Resonance13PT03M31SBit LipViridian Resonance

Revolution State - Viridian Resonance

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