The Shadow Of The Chaos Say Just Words Dark ElectroEBMElectro-IndustrialHarsh EBM 121PT00M00SIntro (The Shadow The Chaos)The Shadow Of The Chaos2PT00M00SAgonyThe Shadow Of The Chaos3PT00M00SNo Away Out (You Fear)The Shadow Of The Chaos4PT00M00SMy FinalThe Shadow Of The Chaos5PT00M00SVictimasThe Shadow Of The Chaos6PT00M00SFacesThe Shadow Of The Chaos7PT00M00SAgainst To MankindThe Shadow Of The Chaos8PT00M00SVictimas (Acylum Vs Haushetaere Remix)The Shadow Of The Chaos9PT00M00SFaces (Embraced To Kill Remix By -La Magra-)The Shadow Of The Chaos10PT00M00SAgainst To Mankind (StrangersAngels Remix)The Shadow Of The Chaos11PT00M00SKiller (Disfuncion Organica Remix)The Shadow Of The Chaos12PT00M00SAgainst To Mankind (Mechanical Moth Remix)The Shadow Of The Chaos

Say Just Words - The Shadow Of The Chaos

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