Soldiers of Hell EP Subliminal CodeSubliminalCode AggrotechDark ElectroElectro-IndustrialHarsh EBM 101PT01M06SOpen The Door From HellSoldiers of Hell EP2PT04M54SSoldier Of HellSoldiers of Hell EP3PT03M54SSin Of PleasureSoldiers of Hell EP4PT04M57SLost In The LonelinessSoldiers of Hell EP5PT04M58SElectro SuicideSoldiers of Hell EP6PT04M41SMuerto En Vida (Kill Version Version)Soldiers of Hell EP7PT05M24SLost in the Loneliness (Remix by Traumatize)Soldiers of Hell EP8PT05M38SSoldier Of Hell (Remix By Sonik Foundry)Soldiers of Hell EP9PT04M07SSin Of Pleasure (Remix by Andro Dioxin)Soldiers of Hell EP10PT04M16S. Electro Suicide (Remix By CoexPro)Soldiers of Hell EP

Subliminal Code - Soldiers of Hell EP

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