Sitra Achra Worms of the Earth Dark AmbientTribal 91PT00M00SMalkuth - The World Dissolves And Reveals Sitra AchraSitra Achra2PT00M00SGamaliel - Corrupted Sanctuary Of FireSitra Achra3PT00M00SGnarled Roots Suspend The Ruined TempleSitra Achra4PT00M00SPath Of SamekhSitra Achra5PT00M00SThagirion - Mired In A River Of Drowned BodiesSitra Achra6PT00M00SPath Of ZamradielSitra Achra7PT00M00SSatariel - Field Of Apocryphal MonumentsSitra Achra8PT00M00SExcising The Last Vestiges Of AhamkaraSitra Achra9PT00M00S[CLOSING]Sitra Achra

Worms of the Earth - Sitra Achra

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