Shine & Burn Avarice in Audio ElectropopSynthpop 121PT00M00SFeed The Addiction (Feat. Ascension EX)Shine & Burn2PT00M00SThe Cassandra ComplexShine & Burn3PT00M00SBleed As OneShine & Burn4PT00M00SSleepwalking Societies V.2014 (Feat. Redux)Shine & Burn5PT00M00SPunishedShine & Burn6PT00M00SBeyond My ControlShine & Burn7PT00M00SFrostbiteShine & Burn8PT00M00SYour FoolShine & Burn9PT00M00SHeartless DisasterShine & Burn10PT00M00SChina WhiteShine & Burn11PT00M00SLacklusterShine & Burn12PT00M00SBehind Your Mask (Feat. MiXE1)Shine & Burn

Avarice in Audio - Shine & Burn

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