Restart Omnimar Dark ElectroDarkwaveDrum n BassElectropopFuturepopSynthpop 151PT03M53SWrong Direction (Remix by Binary Division)Restart2PT06M16SMy Little World (Remix by Nosense)Restart3PT04M40SYou Save Me (Restart Version)Restart4PT03M37SWrong Direction (Remix by Aw 3.0)Restart5PT04M56SStart (Remix by the Swooladge)Restart6PT04M26SSadizm (Remix by Psyhound)Restart7PT03M40STell Me Your Name (Remix by Restiction 9)Restart8PT03M42SBe My Friend (Remix by Hiroshi Armor)Restart9PT06M30SEgo Love (Remix by Alpha Omega 22)Restart10PT05M40STell My Your Name (Cover by Extize & Ekaterina Filinovа)Restart11PT03M54SFault (Remix by Emotion for Rent)Restart12PT04M17SYou Save Me (Remix by Sexy Kill Device)Restart13PT03M41SReason (Remix by Cutoff:Sky)Restart14PT04M11SFault (Remix by Freaky Mind)Restart15PT03M58SStart (Club Edit)Restart

Omnimar - Restart

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