Defcon Three: Dirty World Various Artists EBMElectro-IndustrialIndustrial 311PT03M37SMotherhackDefcon Three: Dirty World2PT04M27SWelcome To The PsychosphereDefcon Three: Dirty World3PT03M31SHeaven's FallingDefcon Three: Dirty World4PT04M24SSilence The FrighteningDefcon Three: Dirty World5PT04M36SSilent FloorDefcon Three: Dirty World6PT04M33SLet Down (Bones Mix)Defcon Three: Dirty World7PT04M01SPrayDefcon Three: Dirty World8PT03M34SA Thousand YearsDefcon Three: Dirty World9PT02M19SElectronic Death MetalDefcon Three: Dirty World10PT04M44SIf You Die In Batley Do You Die In Real Life?Defcon Three: Dirty World11PT06M19SNeed You TonightDefcon Three: Dirty World12PT05M52SWe Become Gods (Fukyuu Remix)Defcon Three: Dirty World13PT04M05SI'm So WrongDefcon Three: Dirty World14PT04M58SIn My EyesDefcon Three: Dirty World15PT04M08SRotten Luck (Katscan Cranial Fornication Mix)Defcon Three: Dirty World16PT05M16SSkin RitualDefcon Three: Dirty World17PT05M06SSolitaire (Rebooted)Defcon Three: Dirty World18PT04M29SPearls Before Swine (Rough Mix)Defcon Three: Dirty World19PT04M04SFrom The AshesDefcon Three: Dirty World20PT04M44SDirty WorldDefcon Three: Dirty World21PT03M46SCifer (Phase 1)Defcon Three: Dirty World22PT04M55SBay Of PigsDefcon Three: Dirty World23PT04M53SHeretic Hypocrite (Radio Edit)Defcon Three: Dirty World24PT05M15SSleeper CellDefcon Three: Dirty World25PT04M49SSick Prick Dick LickDefcon Three: Dirty World26PT05M15SThose That KnowDefcon Three: Dirty World27PT07M26SFeel ([a] Pendcis.shuffle's Fall From Grace Mix)Defcon Three: Dirty World28PT04M27SInsexDefcon Three: Dirty World29PT03M13STrudge (Hiniko Remix)Defcon Three: Dirty World30PT04M04SSatana Rising (No Escape Mix)Defcon Three: Dirty World31PT05M51SBeg & Borrow (Piano Version)Defcon Three: Dirty World

Various Artists - Defcon Three: Dirty World

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