Julian Winding Julian Winding is a Danish musician and composer, however based in Berlin at the moment. He is the writer of the dark and immensely thrilling track The Demon Dance from the ultra stylized horror film The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Julian Winding was born in April 1984 in Copenhagen, Denmark. His mother is the actress Brigitte Nielsen (Red Sonja, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Surreal Life etc.), Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife. His father is the Danish musician Kasper Winding. His parents divorced when Julian was 5 months old. In the first string of years, Julian lived with his grandparents, Sven and Hanne. Later on he lived with his dad in Bristol, UK, where he studied music like his father. During these years he collaborated with Kasper Winding on some of his music. At the same time he managed to finish high school.

At present time Julian is releasing music under his own name with absolutely awesome albums like "Foreplay" and "Powder Room". He is also working on a brand new track for the upcoming Danish-American horror-thriller Victim of Love (2019) directed by Jesper Isaksen.
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Julian Winding

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