enter.me Dark PopDarkwaveSynthpop enter.me is about the symbiosis between electronics and man, light and darkness, human relations and consciousness. The lyrics are about human emotions, politics, the duality of life and about the contrasts and gray areas of the life we live.
The music comes to life via a sensitive, present and compassionate lead singer. It is about thoughts and reflections of life, adventures and experiences.
Since the mid 80's, when Claus Lindeskov Hansen - the man behind enter.me - bought his first synthesizer, the intention has been to produce music that is catchy, but also has a deeper layer.
Claus is especially inspired by New Order’s frontman Bernard Sumner. A meeting with a colleague in the Armed Forces introduced Claus to the more German-influenced style within the synthpop genre. This gave Claus’ musical inspiration new life. Claus' curiosity for different styles was aroused, but he still had a love for soft and soaring soundscapes and released a self-produced ambient / new age album.
In 2005 Claus met Jan Brink and formed the band deZeption. In 2008 the band released the debut album "Human Eyes" with the catchy track "No Sense". They played several concerts in Denmark, Norway and Germany. In 2011 they split up.
Claus minimized his studio setup to now record, mix and produce his music 100% via sequencer and VST plugins. Claus’ musical force is the catchy melodies and good arrangement inspired by synth (pop) pioneers as New Order, Depeche Mode, Human League, Ultravox, and Tears for Fears.
https://townandtowers.dk/?page_id=655 Claus Lindeskov Hansen


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