Cold Connection ColdwaveDarkwaveElectropopSynthpop Cold Connection is a swedish synthpop act belonging in the top of the world-renowned Swedish synthpop league, defined by bands like Elegant Machinery, Covenant, Machinista, S.P.O.C.K, and Vogon Poetry. The band has also deep roots into Sweden's esteemed synth based pop legacy, where bands like Ace of Base, Robyn, Army of Lovers and many more have been ruling the charts all over the world since the 90’s. The band plays classic old school synth/darkwave, with a blend of atmospheric, bouncy and melancholic synthpop. Influenced by acts such as Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Erasure, Kraftwerk, Rational Youth and Elegant Machinery.
Even though the debut album "Seconds of Solitude” from 2021 is the first album from Cold Connection, music and stage performance is not new to the band. Cold Connection’s composer Pontus Olsson formed the succesfull band Dual Density together with his friend Jonas Lindelof and the female singer Tessa. The band was signed to a German label. Cold Connection’s singer and lyricist, Daniel, has been involved in various glamorous shows and dance acts. Pontus and Jonas have also been making music together on various projetcs on and off over the years.
After some time away from the music Jonas and Pontus were missing the synth-scene and hence Cold Connection was founded in 2011 with the mutual friend Daniel as the bands vocalist, although singing was a new experience to him.
and programming). Jonas Lindelöf is still active and a well known producer, and he also successfully creates and releases up-tempo electronic trance music. Daniel BillqvistPontus Olsson 8107

Cold Connection

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