Eiva Ada Experimental, Dark Ambient Russia Eiva Ada, founded in 2004 by Edmund Swallow, was originally conceived as sound design for little theatre productions and later to video installations. Working in a remote area in the gloomy forests the author is inspired by his surroundings as well as their own fantasies of darkness and obscurity, including surrealism and the glow in the vast space of chaos.

At the moment the project has 7 full albums and one compilation called "Mixes". Each album is a separate and complete story from start to finish. Eiva Ada records and mixes under the name Madman Home Studio.
http://www.electroracle.com/images/artist/1495730889-1495730880_09d8b4c964d3b7a4ba8bdbe0d8684d33.jpg Edmund Swallow

Eiva Ada

Experimental, Dark Ambient