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Banner information

On Electroracle we have banners on almost every single page on the site to maximize the number of potential views and clicks for our advertisement partners. We use a rotation strategy for our banners, this means that each and every time the banners are loaded, we randomly pick banners from the available banners. This means that depending on how many banners in rotation, your banner can be loaded each and every time (few in rotation) or random every couple of page loads (many in rotation).
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Gigantic banner
1200 x 140 pixels. 30 EUR / month
Big banner
586 x 140 pixels. 15 EUR / month
Small banner
280 x 140 pixels. 10 EUR / month

Banner statistics

When you have a banner here at Electroracle, you will be able to see unique clicks and unique views for each and every day the banner is online. We play with open cards, if we sell you something, we make sure you are able to see what you get out of it.

We save the data during the entire banner agreement, so even if you have a banner with us for a long long time, you will be able to see everything from a day of your choice, to totals. The small perspective to the big perspective.

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